Sandollar Beachfront Resort in Baja, CA Welcomes You!

American Owned and Operated and a Friendly San Felipe Staff to Welcome You! !!Special $80 weekday double rooms!!

About Sandollar

Owner John E. Trinkle and his wife Claire have been immersed in San Felipe since 1995.

Their first purchase was a home in El Dorado Ranch.John had camped on San Felipe beaches with his parents since he was eleven and enjoyed the experience and memories so much that it lead him to a beautiful piece of beachfront property just 7 kilometers south of town.

Building a three bedroom tri-level beach home on the property in 1997 started some ideas rolling around in that entrepreneur brain of his. He started planning for a complex that would be the ultimate in vacation rentals for San Felipe.

Putting his plan into action, he has just finished phase one of the delightfully themed Sandollar Condotels.John’s crop dusting business in San Joaquin Valley, California, kept him busy for 30 years. He is now retired and shares his time between San Felipe and Southern California.

John is an accomplished pilot with 14,000 plus hours flying time and has made over 100 flights to the Baja.His wife, Claire, is a vivacious real estate agent in Tracy, California, and has used her skills wisely to sell millions of dollars of prime property in the Northern California area.

Her zesty personality will charm you along with her stories of the many exciting things she and John have accomplished throughout their lives.